Art. 1 – Location

The Conference will take place in Rome in the locations indicated to the participants.


Art. 2 – Content and Execution

2.1 The enrollment shall be deemed as executed when Consules receives the Registration Form, duly filled out in all the required fields together with evidence of the bank transfer for the participation fee, according to the procedures and terms referred to in art. 4. Therefore, without prejudice to what follows, the execution of the duties coming from the enrollment is conditional upon Consules having received evidence of the bank transfer or the other forms of payment accepeted proving the participation fee has been paid.

2.2 In order to guarantee the quality standard of the program and of all services provided to the Participants, registrations to Conference may be limited to a fixed number of participants.  The date on which the Registration Form, filled out in all the required fields, has been received by Consules, together with evidence of the payment attesting the participation fee has been paid, determines the priority in the registration.

Consules reserves the right to reject, in its sole and absolute discretion, any applications submitted, after the maximum limit of participants has been reached.


Art. 3 – Participation Fee

3.1 The participation fee includes: the right to attend the Conference, relating educational material and – if applicable – other educational activities.

3.2 Unless otherwise indicated, the participation fee does not include VAT.


Art. 4 – Payment

4.1 Subject to the provisions of art. 4.2, the participation fee is required to be paid as a lump sum when providing Consules with the Registration Form.

4.2 Any payment relating to the participation fee is required to be made through bank transfer to Associazione Consules, IBAN IT29H0311103253000000091245, or through alternative payment methods indicated by Consules.


Art. 5 – Changes to the program

5.1 Due to organizational issues, Consules reserves the right to cancel or postpone, at its sole and absolute discretion, the starting date of the Conference. Consules shall notify the Participant via e-mail or fax to the contact details provided in the Registration Form, within 5 (five) days of the date on which the Conference was originally planned to start.

5.2 In this case of cancelation, the Participation Fees already paid will be returned within 60 (sixty) days of receiving the aforementioned notice, being understood that no further liability, compensation and / or penalty shall be borne by Consules.

5.3 Consules reserves the right to reschedule dates and time of the Conference and to modify the programs, without changing their original contents.


Art. 6 – Inability to participate

The participant that, at the starting date of the Conference, is unable of attend the event due to legitimate impediment or force majeure can postpone his/her registration to the following edition of the program – if organized – or to any other Consules Conference/Course/Seminar of equal cost, provided that the full price of the original course, which was not attended, has been paid and that any open alternative positions are available.


Art. 7 – Termination

7.1 Due to organizational reasons of the events organized, the participant has the right to withdraw no later than 90 days before the beginning of the Conference. The decision to withdraw shall be notified via registered mail with return receipt addressed to: Consules – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 00186 Roma.

7.2 In addition to the right to terminate, as per paragraph 7.1, in case the enrollment is entered into by a person acting for purposes which are not related to his / her trade, business or profession, the participant has the right to withdraw with no penalty and without having to provide any valid reasons within 14 (fourteen) days of finalizing the enrollment, in accordance with D. Lgs n. 206/2005.  In this eventuality, Consules is required to return the fee already paid by the participant within 14 (fourteen) days of the date the withdrawal was notified.  The fee shall be returned by Consules to the Participant by using the same payment instrument by which the payment was originally made by the original payer.  The payee shall not bear any costs as a consequence of the refund.  In order to exercise the rights described in this article 7.2, the person involved is required to send a fax or a registered mail with return receipt indicating the decision to withdraw, within the terms indicated, to Consules –  Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 00186 Roma.  To this end, the person involved may transmit any form of explicit declaration of his / her decision to withdraw.

7.3 Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to withdraw from the Conference once the terms described in the paragraphs above have expired.  Therefore, in such cases the participant will have to pay the entire participation fee regardless of his / her actual participation in the Conference.


Art.8 – Responsibility of the Participants

The participants to the Conference are personally responsible for any damages caused to the buildings, rooms, educational material, equipment in the Consules offices or anywhere the program may take place.  The participants are also required to follow any relating internal rules and regulations (e.g., signatures on registers, id badges, code of conduct etc.).


Art 9 – Rules for the issuance of certification

If applicable, at the end of the Conference, an attendance certificate will be issued to the Participants whose administrative records are compliant with internal rules (minimum attendance required: 70% of the Conference).


Art. 10 – Applicable law and disputes

10.1 This General condition are governed by the laws of Italy.

10.2 The court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any controversy that should arise.

10.3 Only in the eventuality of the enrollment being done by an individual acting for purposes which are not related to his / her trade, business or profession, the jurisdiction is the one referred to in D.lgs 06/09/2005, n. 206.




The Participant agrees that the Organizer might use pictures/images of the participant in Consules promotional materials. The participant is also committed to respecting copyrighted materials.





We wish to inform you that pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding personal data protection (GDPR) and pursuant to current national legislation, personal data processing will be based on the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency and on the protection of confidentiality and rights of the data subject. Pursuant to article 13 of EU GDPR regulation we provide the following information: 1. Provided data and sensitive data belonging to you or to the minor will be processed according to contractual requirements and according to the resulting fulfillments of legal and fiscal obligations, as well as to guarantee an efficient management of the contractual and financial relations. The data will be processed for the duration of the agreement and after for the fulfillment of legal obligations and administrative and commercial purposes. 2. Data will be processed through electronic instruments. 3. Providing data is required in order to comply with legal obligations and EU regulations, that is, in order to comply with provisions determined by authorities mandated by the law and by supervisory authorities.  Refusal to provide personal data may result in the contract not being executed or being executed only partially and in the termination of the contractual relationship. 4. For the execution of the contractual relationship, the data may be communicated to the following categories: (i) third parties that can access the data, pursuant to current regulation and within the limits of the law, (ii) third parties that require to access your data or the data of the minor you are responsible for, in order to support the relationship between contracting parties, strictly within the limits necessary to perform the task, (iii) third parties that process data for invoicing, necessary accounting entries, filing, managing of the correspondence etc. 5. The data controller is Consules. The legal address of the company is in Rome, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184. The authority responsible for processing the data is SET single-member private limited liability company, also through designated collaborators. 6. Your rights towards the data controller may be invoked at any moment pursuant to articles 15-22 of EU GDPR. 7.